"This land has been in my family for generations and these vineyards are some of the best in Barbaresco. From the time I was a young boy I worked year round in these vineyards and I understand that without superior grapes you can't make superior wine. I know how lucky I am. "

Renato Vacca - winemaker/owner Cantina del Pino

~ All of Cantina del Pino's vineyards are located in the Barbaresco appellation.

~ We are a small winery and our vineyards are all family managed. My father Adriano and mother Carla still work in the vineyards along with aunts, uncles and family friends.

~ We use no chemical fertilization and we have a strong respect for the environment where our grapes grow.

~ Old vines bring a depth that young vines just can't deliver. Our Barbaresco vineyards are an average age of 40 years with some as old as 70 and some vines as young as 35.

~ Our most famous vineyard is Ovello. The
Ovello vineyard sits at an altitude of 300 meters and has a south and southeast exposure. 2005 is the first year started making a riserva from the Albesani vineyard, which is on the Santo Stefano hill.

~ Comparing the Ovello and Albesani Barbarescos side-by-side is an excellent statement to the expression of the influence of terroir and the Nebbiolo grape.